2019-100/0 Outstanding Mounite Award- Tim Warneck

Ask Northwest High School teacher Tim Warneck what his advice is for students who might be struggling in school and he’ll recall some wise words he heard from his grandfather.
 “Education is something that is yours,” he said, quoting his grandfather. “It is something that can't be taken from you, and it will give you more opportunities to determine your life. Even if it is hard, work hard to get it because it can give you more control of your life.”
Warneck encourages hard work and dedication from his students, and that’s what he gives to his students. He is a recipient of the 2018-19 100/0 Award which is given to an educator who consistently exemplifies what it means to give 100 percent to his or her students without expecting anything in return.
Warneck sees that same effort in those around him and said his favorite thing about being part of Northwest Community Schools is “the overall desire, effort and hard work that Mountie Nation is putting in to be the best.”
Warneck, who is in his third year at Northwest and 15thoverall in education, has a simple definition for success: “Great effort towards a goal that leaves you no regrets.”
Here are five more things to know about Tim Warneck:
If he could learn to do anything what would it be?
“To be a surgeon. It would be amazing in this day and age to use the technology that is available to our medical professionals to help others.”
If he won the lottery, what is the first thing he would do?
“Build my family a modest home on a huge piece of land.”
If he could be any fictional character, who would he choose?
The genie from Aladdin. “Fun, funny and phenomenal cosmic powers.”
What would he do if you weren't doing this?
Engineering or Medicine.
Is there a defining moment -- an event or an interaction with a student -- during his time at Northwest that he would be willing to share?
“I have had many great moments with students here.”