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What is a Type A Lunch?

REMINDER;  All Type A Meals MUST include a serving of fruit or vegetable.


  • Meat Item:  (Often included in your main dish)
  • Bread Item: (Often included in your main dish)
  • Fruit:           Fresh Fruit or Canned (or 4 oz Juice)
  • Vegetable:  Hot or Fresh Vegetable or Side Salad
  • Milk:           8oz carton of Skim White or Chocolate Milk (or 4oz. Juice)

You must select at least 3 of the 5 items, including a fruit or vegetable serving. BUT You may take ALL of the items if you wish.


At the Elementary Schools, the entrée usually contains the meat and bread.


                        Cheeseburger on a Bun contains meat and bread items
                        Crinkle Cut Oven Fries (vegetable)
                        Pineapple Tidbits (fruit)
                        Choice of Milk (milk)


                        Oven Fried Chicken Drumstick (meat item)
                        Fluffy Biscuit  (bread item)
                        Green Beans  (vegetable)
                        Diced Pears (fruit)
                        Choice of Milk    (milk)

Middle School & High School

At Middle Schools and High Schools, the entrees are at each station. All qualified reimbursable meals MUST include a fruit or a vegetable.