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Hero's Hazard Pay Information

To All NWPCC staff:

Attached is Form 5741, GSRP, Head Start, Ad. Ed. & Young Adult Sp. Ed. Teacher COVID-19 Grants Certification Form (at this time, we believe the GSRP Teachers and Assistant Teachers will receive their Hazard pay from the State, all other staff will receive their Hazard pay from Northwest).
If you believe that you are eligible, based on the guidelines set forth by the Mi Dept of Treasury, and will certify to that effect, for this one-time hazard pay, please do the following (if you can not certify that you are a GSRP Teacher or Assistant Teacher, please complete the attached form, but leave the certification portion, Part 2: Classroom Teacher Type completely blank):
  1. Download the form
  2. Print the form
  3. Fully complete the form, making sure that all information is legible
  4. Sign and date the form
  5. Send original completed and signed form to Central Office...Do NOT send the form by email.
  6. Fold the original form and place in an envelope that has "Central Office-Hazard Pay Certification" written on the front of the envelope
  7. Seal the envelope with the original form in it
  8. Take the envelope to your building office, NWPCC office
  9. Ask the building secretary (Mary or Kristy) where the Hazard Form envelopes are to be placed
  10. Place the envelope in the specified location
The building secretary will send all forms collected for the staff in your building, one time each week to C/O.
If you are no longer working in NWPCC, (retired/resigned/on leave, only prior employees that worked for GSRP are eligible, former other staff are not eligible) you may send the original form to us in the US mail, Northwest Schools, Attn: Central Office-HP Certification, 6900 Rives Junction Rd., Jackson, MI 49201
This completed, signed form must be in Central Office by 12:00 noon, Friday, April 9, late forms will be accepted