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MDHHS - PEBT -2.0 - Parent Information


Benefits may not have been issued for a variety of reasons on May 22, the next issuance date is 6/26/21.  Please advise parents or guardians to call the P EBT Help Line at (833)905-0028 and MDHHS can evaluate when eligible benefits are due to be issued. 


Dear Parent/Guardians,

We have had several questions regarding the MDHHS PEBT program.  Please see below for more clarification, changes and updates. 

  • NWCS is required to report to MDHHS the attendance type for each building on a monthly basis OR O.   Buildings are classified as either mainly in-person, hybrid or mainly virtual.  
    • If the majority of students enrolled in a building are F2F students, the building is considered mainly in-person.  
    • If a mainly in-person building has to transition for one or more days out of the month to virtual due to COVID-19, the building becomes hybrid. Virtual Wednesday's do not automatically make a building hybrid. 
    • If the majority of students enrolled in a building are virtual for a specific month, the building is considered mainly virtual. 
  • NWCS has found discrepancies in what was reported to MDHHS and what benefits MDHHS says that students should be receiving.
  • NWCS has submitted the corrections to MDHHS.  The corrections for each building can be found HERE.    
  • MDHHS stated that the corrections will be made and benefits for the corrections should be loaded on PEBT cards in May or 2021. 


Parents only need to fill out the reconsideration form for the below:

  • If your student was 100% virtual for a month that the building reported hybrid or mainly in-person. 
  • If your student was quarantined due to COVID-19 for a month that the building reported mainly in-person.  
  • The reconsideration forms can be found on the MDHHS PEBT website
  • Parents who are requesting verification from NWCS for a reconsideration will need to take the completed form to the building office in order to receive a verification form from the district.  

If you have any questions, please refer to the MDHHS PEBT website.