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KMS Updates and Changes

We need to inform you of some important changes occurring at the Middle School. 

The first change that we are making is adjusting how we weigh our grades. 

Our summative assessments and tests will now be weighted at 60 percent of a students grade.  This has been reduced from 80 percent.

Our formative assessments will now be weighted at 40 percent.  We are making this change to better accommodate all of our students this year. 

This will result in student grades being adjusted to reflect this new system.  Students that do not perform well on a summative assessment will also be provided an opportunity to do a retake by reaching out to their teacher. 

As we talk about student work, it is very important that students check their Schoology accounts every day and complete the assignments that are given. 

We have asked that teachers post all assignments for a day by 8:00 AM to allow students adequate time to complete the work. 

A big concern for us currently is the number of students that are not completing any school work.  It is vital that students complete these assignments each and every day.  We understand that things are different and at times challenging, we all must show grace toward one another as we work through this school year.

Please make sure you are watching the advisory video this week and every week to further understand changes.  We also ask that all students complete the Advisory check in form. thanks for your help.  If I can help or be of any assistance please email me or call or 517-817-4703

Thanks again.