• MEMO: Remote Learning Meal Kits will be available for all students who are learning virtually at NWCS. Remote Learning Meal Kits will be provided at NWHS for pickup on Monday's between 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM. This is not drive thru style, you must park and pick up at the front doors while school is in session. MUST FILL OUT FORM BY SUNDAY PRIOR TO PICK UP TO RESERVE MEAL KIT.


  • Our Child Nutrition Service (CNS) team is continuously working behind the scenes to ensure that our students can continue to have access to healthy and delicious meals. During these unprecedented times, CNS wants to share the ways we have kept safety first throughout Emergency COVID-19 Feeding, Summer Feeding and now into the new school year.

    Child Nutrition Services (CNS)

  • Director of Foodservice: Shayna Casey                                     Email: shayna.casey@nwschools.org                             Phone: 517-817-4691

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