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    Curriculum and Instruction 

    The Curriculum and Instruction Department serves the needs of the teachers and administrators of the Northwest Community School District by providing the services and support to enable schools to provide the best educational program possible for all students.  Every possible effort is made to provide support, resources, and professional development to assist teachers and principals to provide a top quality education for all children.

    Instructional Content for Northwest Community Schools
    The primary sources of instructional objectives for the Northwest Community Schools are the Michigan Academic Standards from the State of Michigan Department of Education.  These documents guide all instructional content, grades k-12. They are utililized throughout the instructional process:  lesson planning, implementation, presentation, and evaluation. 
    All subject areas are aligned to these content standards and paced according to the length of the school year or course. Common Assessments are designed by the teachers for each grade and or course.   Teachers utilize data as a part of their common weekly collaboration time to make informed decisions in their instruction. Illuminate is the data management system that is used by Northwest Community School teachers for this process.

    2022-2023 MICIP Goals:


    By Spring of 2023 the district will see an increase of regular/good attendance to an average of 75% for the district as measured by attendance Spring Report.


    By Spring of 2023 the district will see an average percentage  in ODR for the 0-1 range increase to an average of  73% as measured by SWIS triangular report which includes major and minor ODRs.


    By Spring of 2023 the district will record a score  in the Tier I RTFI of 60% in elementary and 60% secondary as measured by Spring Tier 1 RTFI.

Director of Instruction

  • Cari Bushinski


    Cari Bushinski

    Director Of Instruction 

    Northwest Community Schools