Hours and Attenance

  • Hours and Attendance


    School Hours: 

    Grade Level

    Days to Attend




    7:30 - 2:25



    7:30 – 2:25

    7:30am - 2:25pm (Student Day)
    7:30am - 11:00am (Half Day)

    Office Telephone    The NW Connect Office is open each weekday from 7am – 3pm


    Fax: 517-569-2870

    School attendance is mandatory in the State of Michigan in order to make certain that all children acquire the necessary skills for success as adults. Establishing good attendance patterns in the elementary years is one of the best ways to ensure a student will stay in school through graduation.

    When a student is absent for any reason, the parent is expected to notify the school.  Please provide your child’s name, teacher’s name, grade level, and reason for the absence.