• School Belief Statements
    At Parnall we believe:
    § Every child should have a loving, caring and safe environment.
    § Every child should be engaged in learning at his/her own level.
    § Every child should be exposed to a variety of learning situations incorporating multiple intelligences.
    § That parents are the child's first, and most important, teachers.
    § That our society is only as good as our educational system and our educational system is only as good as our
    § society.
    § That formal education should be the springboard to lifelong learning.
    § That community support is vital to a child's educational success.
    § The children should learn to be caring, respectful, and responsible citizens.
    § Children should develop self-confidence.
    § Students should recognize that learning is important and that it is their job.
    § For every drop of "praise" that falls, a flower grows.
    § That education should be developmentally appropriate.