• School Improvement

    Northwest Elementary School is participating in a district-wide School Improvement Plan.  Each year the plan is re-evaluated and updated as needed based on staff, student and parent input.  The accomplishment for the 11-12 school year was the implementation of a school-wide Title I program.  There are five goals in our School Improvement Plan:  

    •  All students will improve their reading skills across the curriculum
    •  All students will improve their writing skills across the curriculum
    •  All students will improve their math skills across the curriculum
    •  All schools will analyze and use data to drive instruction
    •  Implementation of the Nurtured Heart Approach and Marcia McEvoy strategies to provide a learning environment where students feel safe and valued.
    All teachers served on goal committees and determined the instructional focus and learning targets for each of the four goals. The school improvement plan provides strategies, assessments, and professional development for each goal area. In 2011-2012 we will continue to implement data analysis to drive instruction and assure educational quality. This will enhance school improvement efforts. Our plan will be monitored and adjusted during the coming year to maximize student learning in reading, writing and math.