• Advanced Phys Ed  (10, 11,12) (1 Trimester)

    Prerequisite:  1 trimester of Physical Education class

    This course is designed for students who enjoy team and recreational sports.  Activities could include floor hockey, volleyball, soccer, basketball, flag football, basketball, tennis, and other team sports.  The students will gain an understanding of offensive and defensive strategies, rules, fair competition, sportsmanship, and gamesmanship in team sports.  There will also be additional fitness activities on a daily basis and unit tests.

    Basketball Activities (10, 11, 12) (1 Trimester)

    Prerequisite:  1 trimester of Physical Education class

    This class will be studying the rules and strategies of basic play, and officiating of basketball. Students will be able to participate in offensive and defensive methods, through the use of drills, conditioning, and tournaments.   

    Weight Training and Conditioning (10, 11, 12) (1 Trimester)

    Prerequisite: 1 trimester of Physical Education class

    The premise behind the class is to involve our students in training and conditioning in a structured environment that could last one, two or three terms. The bigger, faster, stronger lifting program will form the basis of the class. Stretching, weight training, agility, form running, and plyometrics are the activities of the class. Student athletes signing up for this class will be given first priority.

    Female Weight Training & Fitness (10, 11, 12) (1 Trimester)

    Prerequisite:  1 trimester of Physical Education class

    Students will develop a personal fitness profile, set personal goals, and learn the importance of including exercise in their lifestyle.  Weight training will occur three of the five days of class in a normal school week.  Students will also participate in cardiovascular activities which include but are not limited to jogging, zumba and aerobics.

    Personal Health (9) (1 trimester) REQUIRED

    This trimester course is required for all freshmen.  The course explores the dimensions of health.  It will stress the importance of good health; not only as teens but emphasizes healthy living throughout life.  There will be a focus on physical, emotional, and social health.

    Physical Education (9, 10, 11, 12) (1 Trimester) (Co-Ed)

    The Physical Education requirement for graduation is one trimester. The design of the class is such that each student will experience many kinds of sports and fitness activities. Upon successful completion of the physical education graduation requirement, a student may take other physical education electives.