• Introduction to Engineering Design A&B (9, 10, 11, 12) (2 Trimesters)

    Pre-requisites: "C" or better in Algebra (or equivalent) or recommendation of a math or science teacher, and "C" or better in English Language Arts.

    Introduction to Engineering Design is an introductory engineering course that develops student problem solving skills, with emphasis placed upon the concept of developing a 3-D model or solid rendering of an object. Students focus on the application of visualization processes and tools provided by modern, state-of-the-art computer hardware and software. The course emphasizes the design development process of a product and how a model of that product is produced, analyzed and evaluated, using a Computer Aided Design System (CAD). Using design briefs or abstracts, students create models and documentation to solve problems. Activities may include, but are not limited to: designing and fabricating a puzzle cube, designing a desktop organizer and reverse engineering projects.

    This is the first course in a four year sequence of courses which, when combined with traditional mathematics and science courses in high school, introduces students to the scope, rigor and discipline of engineering prior to entering college.

    AIS Heavy Equipment Operator Training (11, 12) (3 Trimesters) (2 Class Hours)
    In this class you will learn skills for your lifetime!  This program provides students with an orientation to the heavy equipment industry including heavy equipment safety, equipment maintenance and basic operation techniques.  Included will be techniques of underground construction including grades, below grade construction, and earth moving.  Also covered is how to lay pipe and cable including the different kinds of soils and processes used in different kinds of construction.

     Energy Industry Fundamentals A & B (11,12) (2 Trimesters) 
    Prerequisites:      None
    Energy Industry Fundamentals (EIF) provides a broad understanding of the electric and natural gas utility industry and the energy generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure, commonly called the "largest machine in the world," which forms the backbone for the industry. The course includes business models, regulations, types of energy and their conversion to useable energy such as electric power, how generated power is transmitted and distributed to the point of use, emerging technologies, and the connection to careers in the energy industry.  Students participating in this course have the opportunity to earn an EIF certificate which goes toward ‘Electric Utility Lineman’ coursework at local community college programs.  Field trips/activities may include, but are not limited to, Consumers Energy Lineman Training Facility in Marshall, Trail Street Laboratory, Natural Gas Power Generation Plant, Fire Safety/Slippery Surface Training, and First Aid Training.

    SimBuild (9-12) (1 Trimester)
    SimBuild Carpentry teaches the fundamental skills used in residential construction. Students progress through a wide range of activities requiring an increasing degree of skill and creativity. As they complete assignments, they build up skills, until they gain the full competencies needed to launch a career in construction.  By completing the SimBuild Carpentry program, students will gain a familiarity with the core skills needed to attain success in the field of residential construction.  SimBuild is a computer-based training platform that teaches the fundamental skills used in construction through situation-based lessons. Students learn by completing assignments within a virtual environment that simulate the day-to-day tasks they’d be asked to perform on a construction site. Throughout the experience, students are given scores and earn rewards to track progress, ensure competency and spur motivation. This hands-on, success-oriented approach has a proven track record of producing qualified and highly skilled workers capable of getting the job done right the first time.

    Teaching Academy 1 (11, 12) (Application)
    This class is for students attending the elementary schools as a pre-teaching experience. The criteria for successful completion of the class includes: Three educational journal article critiques, exit interview with Principal of Northwest Early Elementary, keeping of weekly log and creation of a bulletin board.
    The objective of this class is to offer an experience similar to pre-teaching experiences offered at many colleges and universities. Students must apply for entry into this class and be accepted by the Northwest Early Elementary Principal.

    Teacher Academy 2 (12) (By interview only)
    This class is designed to give students a real-life experience of what working with young students will entail. Students will be required to maintain a critical reflection notebook, participate in class activities by assisting and leading the teacher and classroom students, attend required students development trainings.

    Pre-requisite:  Complete Teacher Academy 1 successfully.  Interview with Northwest Early Elementary Principal and Mr. Buchler.

    Peer Connections Foundations (10, 11, 12) (T1 Only)
     (Formerly known as "Leadership")
    This introductory course will help individuals make wise personal decisions while establishing wholesome attitudes toward other people. Discussions and units of study include exploring the different types of disabilities, effects of disabilities on the individual and family, and how communities work together to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. Students will learn how to have healthier friendships and personal and professional relationships with their peers and adults.  As part of this course, students will work regularly with peers with disabilities but will also do in class assignments and projects. This class is especially appropriate for anyone interested in the Human Services Career Pathway. Students must maintain a 3 or higher in all Soft Skills Grades to continue with the course.  (Application Only – upperclassmen get preferential placement.) *This course is first-trimester only and is a prerequisite for Peer Connections.

    Peer Connections (10, 11, 12) (T2 and/or T3)

    Peer Connections is an elective course that connects Peer Connection mentor students (those from the general education classroom) with students from our mild and moderate cognitive impairment classrooms to participate in a one-on-one peer class setting.  The role of the Peer Connection student is to develop friendships and to mentor and assist their peers when participating in the elective course curriculum.  The mentors will model proper classroom behavior and assist with communication, social interactions, reading, writing, and all hands-on activities. Students must maintain a 3 or higher in all Soft Skills Grades to continue with the course. (Application Only – upperclassmen get preferential placement.) *Pre-requisite: Peer Connections Foundations.

     Peer Connections 2 (11, 12) (1-3 Trimesters)
    In this course, students will have real-life experience of working with students with disabilities. Students will be required to maintain a critical reflection notebook, participate in class activities by assisting the teacher and leading and assisting classroom students. Students may be placed at NWHS or KMS in Adapted PE or may be placed in a classroom at the Torrent Center. Students must maintain a 3 or higher in all Soft Skills Grades to continue with the course. (Application Only) *Prerequisite: Peer Connections

    Senior Co-Op/Externship (12) (1-3 Trimesters)
    Senior Externship is a program during which students work in businesses to gain experience and receive training for their futures. Externship students will not earn money while working, but will be able to prepare for further education or vocational placement while building a resume for future use. Externship programs are available for students in the following career pathway areas:
    - Arts and Communication
    - Business Management, Marketing and Technology
    - Natural Resources and Agriscience
    - Health Sciences (limited availability)
    - Engineering/Manufacturing and Industrial Technology
    - Human Services

    RESPONSIBILITIES and Prerequisites:
    • Admission into the externship program is based on approval of NWHS. Grades, attendance, and behavior of the applicant will be reviewed and a preadmission interview will take place.  Students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA to enter the program, and must maintain a minimum 3.0 in the class to be considered for externship opportunities in the second and third term.  All students meeting GPA requirements may enroll in the first term of the class where they will review their career goals, update their resume, and gain valuable career skills.  However, second and third term participation may be limited due to career choice, externship placement availability, and scheduling conflicts.  Participation in term one is NOT a guarantee of placement for later in the year.
    • Resume with Career Objective reflective of Externship career pathway.
    • Properly completed Application with two letters of recommendation turned in by the deadline date.
    • Successful interviews with both school and business.
    • Seniors MUST participate in the first term of the Externship to be considered for the second and third term placements.
    • For students who are placed in an Externship position: If a student quits the job, for any reason, without the permission of the coordinator, the student will receive a failure for the job and loss of credit.
    • The student must be a senior in high school.
    • The student is responsible for providing his/her own transportation, and possibly insurance depending on requirements of the business they are entering.
    • SATISFACTORY GRADES AND ATTENDANCE IN ALL SUBJECTS/HOURS MUST BE MAINTAINED. Failure to do so will cause removal from Externship.
    • All students will attend appropriate Externship activities. There may be a fee for some class or career placement materials depending on the program. The student is expected to pay for all necessary and reasonable expenses.
    • In the event that the student is released from his/her job for cause, the student will not receive credit for Externship and will receive and "E" for the job grade.

    Online Learning

    Online classes are available to students at Northwest High School and Northwest Kidder Middle School through E2020-Edgenuity and the Michigan Virtual High School (MVHS).  The MVHS course catalog is available at www.mivhs.org.

     *A student may enroll in up to two online courses per term with approval of the counselor/administrator. 

    *The enrollment process should be done prior to the first week of school in the fall or two weeks prior to each term.

    *Courses will take place during regular school hours.

    *Grades and credits earned in online classes will transfer to the student’s transcript.

    *Students may not take online courses that are currently available through Northwest Community Schools.

    *Course selections should align with student’s EDP.

    *School rules listed in the school handbooks regarding attendance, eligibility, computer use, etc., apply for all online classes.