• Parent Involvement


    Parents are especially welcome at the High School.  Many times, we see a lower level of participation at Parent/Teacher conferences than at the elementary and middle school level.  This is a transitionary phase in life for young people, but we think that parent involvement is critical to student success.  Parents are welcome to attend conferences, chaperone events, join a booster group or two, and so much more.  Students may tell you it doesn’t matter if you are involved, but studies show that it does matter.

    We believe in the triangle philosophy as shown to the left.  One side represents the parents the other side represents the school and the top is the student.  This shows that the school and the families have to work together to support the student and help achieve success.  If one of those sides falls, so does the
         Parents, Thanks for being a part of Northwest High School!  We need you! Your student needs you!