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Transportation Department

It is our mission to serve our communities with caring, reliable, and efficient transportation where safety is our dedication, integrity is our cornerstone, and respect is fundamental



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Student and Parent Transportation Guidelines   Transportation Major Behavior Rubric 
Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):
The mission of DEAN TRANSPORTATION AND NORTHWEST COMMUNITY SCHOOLS is to provide the safest and most efficient transportation possible for the students we transport.  We greatly appreciate your assistance to help us provide safe transportation.  Please read, be aware of, and discuss the following policies and procedures with your student.  Through teamwork and cooperation on everyone’s part, we should achieve our mission of safety.  The policies and procedures in need of review are as follows:
General Transportation Policy:
Please call all change of addresses and phone number(s) into the appropriate school office and update your Parent PowerSchool portal. Our drivers and office staff are not permitted to make address OR route changes. The transportation office needs a three (3) to five (5) school day notice for a change in pick up or drop off address. Bus stop changes will remain in effect for a minimum of two weeks before any additional changes can be made. Please keep in mind this may affect the bus run and make a time change for other students on the bus.
Student Stop Procedures:
Loading and unloading will be at a designated location that is within state and local laws and school district policies to allow minimum traffic hazard exposure to your student.  If you have questions or concerns about your Child's bus stop, please feel free to contact our office. Please have students at their designated pickup location at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time.
Pick-Up Procedures:
Students must be out of their home or vehicle and ready to board the bus at their scheduled arrival time. To remain on schedule, our drivers are instructed not to wait past the scheduled time for each stop before continuing on to their next destination. If unusual circumstances occur, please contact the transportation office at (517) 817-4707 to make arrangements.
Drop-Off Procedures:
If your student is in kindergarten or young fives, we need to have a responsible person within sight or to physically meet the bus.
Inclement Weather and School Closing Policy:
If your local school district or the school district your child attends is on a weather related delay of one hour or more, we will follow the delay schedule.

  • Should your student be at school when it closes for various reasons, we ask that you listen to local radio/TV stations for updated information. We will make every effort to transport your student to their regular scheduled drop off as soon as possible within safety limits.
  • When a parent transports or arranges transportation for their student(s) into school, from a closed district, it will also be the parent’s responsibility to arrange transportation back home.

We invite you to discuss any questions you may have regarding transportation with your child’s driver, or you may call our transportation office.

School Delays/Closings
  • Superintendent Geoff Bontrager will notify students and parents regarding all two hour delays and school closings using Blackboard- Email, phone call, text, and app. Please make sure your contact information is updated in PowerSchool to receive communications.
  • Parents - Please make sure that all of your telephone numbers are up-to-date at your child’s school so you receive the calls
  • The local radio and TV stations will also carry the delays and closings
  • This information will be posted on the school district’s Facebook and home webpage as soon as it is possible
Parent Information
  • Please send an email to, use the online form at the top of this page, or call      (517)817-4707 to request changes to your student’s transportation needs.



Student Transportation Request/Change

Use the following link to request a change to your students' transportation needs.

Dean Transportation

Frequently Asked Questions

Michigan Pupil Transportation Act

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Billy Shevrovich
Business:  517-817-4707
Dean Transportation-Transportation Supervisor, Northwest Community Schools