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Mountie Music


 "Music, part of a sound education"(MENC) 


The study of music allows us to develop aesthetic sensitivity, self-expression, creativity, community, and preserve and honor cultural heritages.

WE BELIEVE music promotes unique ways of learning and combines different kinds of intelligences.

WE BELIEVE in the value and integrity of music and its influence on the human experience, society, and community, and that the process of making music is its own intrinsic reward. 

THEREFORE, WE BELIEVE a high-quality, comprehensive, inclusive music curriculum is a vital part of every student's education at all levels, and one that every individual should be guaranteed the opportunity to experience.  (Adapted from the MMEA belief statement)


In partnership with the Northwest Community School's mission to inspire self-sufficient, independent thinkers and lifelong learners:

Our Mission is to provide a comprehensive study of music involving performing, creating, reading, listening, moving and responding to music.

Mountie Music Staff

Northwest Early Elementary

Karen Dextrom 

Northwest Elementary

Lisa Ebener

Northwest Kidder Middle School

James Cumings (Choir)

Jasmine Haas (Band)

Northwest High School

Matthew Snell (Choir)

Bryan Mangiavellano (Band)

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