• Coordinated School Health

    Mission Statement:

    The Northwest Community School Coordinated School Health Team
    believes that the health of students is integral to the academic and overall success of our students. When we are talking about Health, we are talking about the whole child “social, emotional, physical and intellectual.”

    The Healthy School Report Card is designed to provide a needs assessment of our school district in regards to health characteristics. This  process has provided strategies for us to use as the basis for our Healthy Implementation Plan.It does not provide an overall grade, nor is it designed to be seen as a pass-or-fail tool. The tool reports on Northwest schools' progress and steps for growth.
    2012-2013 Accomplishments!
    • Healthy Meal Choices 
    • Jump Rope for Heart
    • Mobile Dental
    • Nurses
    • Vision and Hearing Screening
    • Emergency Plans
    • Counseling Services
    • Challenge Day
    • Nurtured Heart 
    • McEvoy Aggressive Behavior Training 
    • Health Fair
    • Michigan Model Training
    • SPLASH Grant
    • Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative 
    • NW School Wellness Policy
    • 24/7 Tobacco Policy
    • Most Teens Don't
    • Step by Step in conjunction with Allegiance Health
    • Mental/Emotional Grant
    • Healthy School Action Tools for Mental/Emotional Health
    • 5K Mounties on the Move
    Northwest Coordinated School Health Core Team Members

    Nicole Tokar
    Tina Delbridge
    Kristin Olmsted
    Jessie Gonzalez
    Monica Shelton
    Judy Osterberg

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  • Delbridge, Tina

    Email: Tina.Delbridge@nwschools.org

    Tokar, Nicole

    Email: Nicole.Tokar@nwschools.org