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    DIRECTORY INFORMATION AND ANTI DISCRIMINATION                                               3
    GUIDANCE SERVICES                                                                                                             4
    LOCKERS                                                                                                                                  4-5
    ATTENDANCE                                                                                                                          6-8
    LUNCHROOM PROCEDURES/WELLNESS POLICY                                                               9             
    EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES                                                                                          9-10                MISCELLANEOUS                                                                                                                    10-16                               Consultation Requests
    Dress Code
    Emergency Procedures
    Field Trips
    Fund Raisers
    Laser Pointer
    Lost and Found
    Medication/Asthma Policy
    Personal Communication Device
    Public Display of Affection
    School Agendas
    Student Visitors
    Substitute Teachers
    Telephone Use
    STUDENT DISCIPLINE POLICY/BULLYING/HAZING POLICY                                          16-26
                Classroom Disruption Discipline Plan/Attendance Norms
    Use/Sale or Possession of Alcohol or Drugs
    Smoking or Possession of Tobacco Suspension Procedures/Tobacco Policy
    Sexual Harassment
    Verbal and Physical Assault Against School Personnel      
    Detention Policy
    Suspension Procedures
    Expulsion Procedures
    Search and Seizure
    AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR RUBRIC                                                                                         27-28
    TECHNOLOGY ACCESS AND USE POLICY SUMMARY                                                       29
    TRANSPORTATION POLICY                                                                                                                                               30
    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORMS (To Be Signed and Returned)                                                                                  31-34
    School Address:            6700 Rives Junction Road.
    Jackson, MI  49201
    School Telephone:            (517) 817-4703
    It is the policy of the Northwest School District not to discriminate on the basis of height, weight, political belief, race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, age, sex, marital status or handicap in its educational programs, activities or employment as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; or Title IX of the Educational Amendment of 1972 or Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students and adults are assured that the lack of English skills will not be a barrier to admission for prospective participants. Inquiries concerning possible violation of the above provision should be directed to the Superintendent’s office, Northwest School District, 6900 Rives Junction Road, Jackson, Michigan 49201;  (517) 817-4726.

    Counseling Services

    The counselors are here to help your child be a successful student.  They are available to talk with your child when needed.  When parents would like to meet with a counselor, please call to schedule an appointment. That number is 517-817-4669.  If the parent requests, the counselor can make referrals to outside agencies when counseling services are necessary.

    Promotion/Retention Procedure

    Any student failing three classes for the year may be retained in their current grade.  The final decision will be made by administration.

    Report Cards

    Report cards are issued to students three times a year (Nov., March, June).  A Parent-Teacher Conference is offered in fall and winter with exact dates and times published in the school and district newsletters.  Parents or teachers may request additional conferences.  Mid-term progress reports are issued between report cards.  If you do not receive a progress report or report card, please call the Counseling Office at 517-817-4669.


    We highly recommend that parents sign up for PowerSchool.  This service will allow you to view your students’ attendance and grades.  The Northwest Community Schools website is www.nwschools.org.   Just follow the directions to setting up an account for your student.  If you have questions, please call 517-817-4669. 
    Lockers and the first padlocks are provided for all Kidder Middle School students as a courtesy and a privilege.  School lockers remain the property of the school even after they are assigned for student use.  In most cases, students will be assigned a locker that must be shared with another student.  School officials throughout the year may conduct unannounced random locker clean-outs/checks and searches. Any type of aid could be used in this search, such as (but not limited to) drug sniffing dogs.
    The following are among the rules that apply for locker use:
    1. Students shall use only the locker assigned to them.
    2. Any pictures, mirrors, decorations, etc. shall be inside the locker and meet school standards for appropriateness.
    1. Lockers shall be used only for storing items and/or materials necessary to the academic and/or school extra-curricular activities.  Thus, iPods, cell phones, mp3 players, Game Boys, electronic items, trading cards or other items determined by the school to be unnecessary for school-related activities, are not to be stored in any locker or taken to class.  Administration will not spend time locating lost or stolen items that are deemed unnecessary for the school setting.
    1. Students shall keep their lockers closed and locked at all times after any use.  Kidder Middle School is not responsible for valuables or any items stored in a locker.
    1. Students shall report any damage, vandalism or non/working condition of their locker to school personnel.  Vandalism, damage or non/working condition of a locker, which is not reported to school personnel, becomes the equal responsibility of all of the students assigned to the locker.
    1. Students shall not give their locker combination to another student.
    1. Students shall not leave their locker in any condition where the locker can be opened easily, such as leaving the padlock on the handle.
    1. Students will be allowed to bring in their own lock, but will be required to give the combination to the office.  Key locks will be allowed if the office also has a key.
    1. Students will not be allowed to use any type of backpack, sling bag, gym bag throughout the day.
    1. Loss or abused padlocks will result in a fine to the student.
    Any infraction of the above rules will result in disciplinary measures such as paying for damages.
    Goals and Objectives for Student Attendance
    Kidder Middle School believes good attendance at school and in all classes is essential to successful performance in school, upon graduation and in future educational and occupational endeavors.
    1. In order to participate fully, a student should be in class 90% of the total available time in each class. Any absences above this figure could result in a referral to the truancy officer.
    1. Absences which occur will be carefully documented for each student, and the school administration will define those absences as excused or unexcused.
    The following procedures will be used in the enforcement of the attendance policy. It is the responsibility of every student and his/her parent to familiarize themselves with this policy and follow the procedures.
    Students absent from school must have their parent/guardian phone the attendance office at
    517-817-4677 the day of their child is absent OR bring in either a doctors/dentist note dated and signed by the doctor or a written parent excuse stating the reason for their absence WITHIN TWO (2) DAYS OF THEIR RETURN.  
    Excused absences will include, but are not limited to:
    1. Personal Illness
    2. Doctor/Dentist appointments that could not be scheduled outside
    the regular school day
    1. Family Emergencies
    2. Funerals (2 days for in-town / 3 days for out-of-town)
    3. Court Appointments
    4. In-School / Out-Of-School Suspensions (less than 10 days)
    5. Head Lice (3 or less days)
    If a student is absent for three (3) or more CONSECUTIVE days, a doctor’s note is required to excuse their absences.
    After a student has reached six (6) absences in a trimester, a doctors/dentist note is required to excuse their absence(s).
    A parent phone call or a written note from a parent does NOT automatically excuse a child’s absence.  Their reason for missing school MUST meet the requirements of the above listed excused absences.  Any note without a reason for their absence will be considered unexcused.
    The above listed policies also apply to any student signing in “late” for school.
    FAMILY VACATIONS ARE NOT EXCUSED ABSENCES.  If your child plans on being out of school for more than two (2) consecutive days for a family vacation an “Extended Absence Form” MUST be filled out, signed by each teacher and turned into the attendance office at least two (2) days prior to the first day of vacation in order to make up and receive credit for any and all work missed during this time.  Without the completion of this form, your student could receive “incompletes” or “zeros” for the work missed while being absent. 
    In advance, additional excused absences may be granted as deemed necessary by Administration.
    School sponsored or sanctioned activities are exempt and will NOT count against the student’s attendance for the year.
    Homework should be requested after two (2) consecutive days of absence.  If the request is made prior to 9:00am on the second day, the homework will be ready to be picked up at the end of the next school day.  This allows adequate time for the staff to organize the homework.
    According to the Jackson County Court System, our Truant Officer of Jackson and our
    Prosecuting Attorney, unexcused absences over 10 days may result in truancy. 
    A student may also be considered truant if the office has not received or is not able to ascertain an explanation or if the Vice-Principal deems the absences are excessive.
    Truancy Procedures
    1. Parents are sent a letter home at the 6th & 10th student absence (excused or unexcused).
    1. Administration will set in motion a petition to the court through the County Attendance Officer.
    1. County Attendance Officer will contact the parents to advise them if any further action will be taken.
    Signing In and Out of School
    Students coming into the building after classes begin MUST check in at the office.  Students checking out of school prior to the end of the school day MUST check out through the Main Office BEFORE leaving the school.  Failure to do so will be regarded as skipping.  Be sure to sign your student out in the school office.  STUDENTS WILL NOT BE RELEASED TO ANYONE OTHER THAN THOSE LISTED ON THE EMERGENCY CARD UNLESS PRIOR APPROVAL IS MADE WITH THE PRINCIPAL.
    Effect of Attendance on Course Grading
    Attendance affects a student's grades. Presence in each scheduled class is critical to receive the instruction necessary to achieve the objectives of the class in order to be successful.
    Excused absences allow a student the opportunity to make up class work. It is the responsibility of the student to make up any required work he/she may have missed during the absence for a regularly scheduled class. Teachers MUST be asked for make-up work the same day the student returns to class.  It is the student's responsibility to request this homework. Class work is to be made up at a time mutually convenient to the student and staff member involved with at least one day of make-up time allowed for each day of an excused absence (within reason) up to one week. UNEXCUSED ABSENCES ARE UP TO THE DISCRETION OF THE TEACHERS TO ALLOW MAKE-UP WORK FOR CREDIT.   Suspended students are considered excused and must be given work for full credit.  After 10 days of suspension they are considered unexcused and do not have to be given credit for work completed.
    Even when an absence is excused, making up class assignments is not a complete substitute for participation within the classroom environment, for there is no replacement of the individual involvement and classroom interactions, which ultimately enhance learning.

    Attendance Norms

    Daily Attendance:
        1.  Attendance is completed in PowerSchool during the first 10
             minutes of class.  Attendance and tardies start over at the beginning of each trimester.
        2.  Students bring a signed and dated excuse note to the attendance
             secretary in the office or a call from the parent.
    1. Teachers will mark all tardies in PowerSchool.
    2. Attendance secretary will assign detention/suspensions for tardies.
    3. When a tardy lockout is announced, the teacher will close the classroom door and not allow tardy students in without a pass from the office.
    1.            The Middle School operates on a closed campus arrangement.  Students are not to leave the campus during lunch.  The cafeteria and gym will be open as well as the practice fields in favorable weather. 
    2.            Students are expected to pick up after themselves and will be asked to do so if they do not clean up after themselves.  If students cannot meet this expectation, they will be consequenced accordingly (which could include cleaning the cafeteria or other disciplinary action.)



    Northwest Community Schools Wellness Policy

    The Northwest Community Schools is committed to creating a healthy school environment that enhances the development of lifelong wellness practices to promote healthy eating and physical activities that support student achievement.
    Nutrition Education
    Nutrition education, a component of comprehensive health education, shall be offered every year to all students of the District.  The District may offer age-appropriate nutrition education classes.  In addition, nutrition education topics shall be integrated into the entire curriculum when appropriate.
    A complete wellness policy is available in our middle school office and on our web page.

    Athletic Information

    1.            Sports offered for Middle School students are: 7th/8th football, 6th grade cross country (exhibition), 7th/8th grade cross-country, 7th/8th girls basketball, 7th/8th cheerleading, 7th/8th boys basketball, 7th/8th girls volleyball, 7th/8th wrestling and 7th/8th boys and girls track and field. 
    2.            Academic eligibility for athletes shall be a 2.0 grade point average computed for the previous marking period or accumulated by marking periods.  Eligibility will commence with the first marking period of the 7th grade year. 
    3.            During athletic events students are to remain in the gym, cafeteria or the main lobby.  Students who are found in non-designated areas will be referred to the athletic director, and may be banned from future athletic events.
    4.            Student athletes and parents/spectators are responsible for knowing and following the rules, regulations and procedures regarding interscholastic athletics.  These rules are made available through the athlete's coach and a complete set is available for review in the main office of the Middle School building.  Participation in athletics is a privilege not a right and athletes are expected to know and follow all rules and regulations.
    Leadership Council
                 Leadership Council is the student governing body at Kidder Middle School.   
    Its purpose is to promote student activities, improve student morale, and act as a communication link between the student body, staff and administration.  The selected representatives serve for a term of one year.  They must demonstrate and maintain qualifications as set forth in the Leadership Council constitution.  Charity and school fundraisers, Icebreaker week activities, after-school dances, and community service projects have made Leadership Council a positive activity to Kidder Middle School.


    Assemblies will be held during the school year to enrich and inform students.  Proper conduct during assemblies will ensure continuation of assembly programs.  Teachers do sit with students and students are expected to comply with teacher requests.  Students are expected to give their attention to the program.  Disruption of any kind will not be tolerated.  All students will attend assemblies unless formally excused.  A student may be barred from assembly for improper behavior or face consequences up to and including suspension.



    Arrival To School – Students that are dropped off prior to 7:15 a.m., need to wait in the cafeteria until the buses drop off the students.
    Consultation Requests
    Students who desire to talk with the Principal, Vice Principal, or Counselor and who do not deem the conference an emergency, must fill out a Consultation Request.  These are located inside the Main Office and students will be responsible for filling these out on their own time. Passes will not be given for tardy to class by reason of filling out Consultation Requests.
    Dress Code - Guideline
    While fashion changes, the reasons for being in school do not.  Students are in school to learn.  Any fashion (dress, accessory, or hairstyle) that disrupts the educational process or presents a safety risk will not be permitted.  Personal expression is permitted within these general guidelines.
    Students should consider the following questions when dressing for for:
    Does my clothing expose too much? (no)
    Does my clothing advertise something that is prohibited to minors?(no)
    Are there obscene, profane, drug-related, gang-related, or inflammatory messages on my clothing? (no)
    Would I interview for a job in this outfit? (yes)
    Am I dressed appropriately for the weather? (yes)
    Do I feel comfortable in my appearance? (yes)
    If a student has selected a manner of appearance that is beyond mere freedom of expression and disrupts the educational process or presents risk to themselves or others, they may be removed from the educational setting.
    Students are expected to follow these specific guidelines regarding dress:
    1. When a student stands with arms straight down by their sides, the bottom of their shorts, skirts, and/or dresses must reach their fingertips or below.
    2. Profanity, messages promoting tobacco, drugs and/or alcohol, sexual connotation, and messages of an intimidating or hostile nature with respect to race, gender, religion, or disability are not permitted on clothing.
    3. Holes in clothes above the knee are prohibited unless there are clothes (tights, yoga pants, shorts, leggings) underneath. No skin showing.
    4. Clothing shall not have any features that may be used to cause physical injury and/or damage to school property.
    5. Footwear that protects the foot and safeguards the health of others must be worn.
    6. Head coverings are prohibited in school (hats, visors, hoods and bandanas) with consideration given for religious exceptions.
    7. Sleepwear may not be worn to school including lounge pants or pajama pants.
    8. Undergarments may not be visible at any time.
    9. Shirts that expose the chest, torso or midriff are prohibited.
    10. Students must wear pants/shorts at waist level – no sagging.
    11. Leggings, tights, dance, yoga pants, and tight fitting pants are allowed only if worn with the appropriate length top that reaches the fingertips when a student stands with arms straight down by their sides.
    12. Tank tops, halter tops, and spaghetti straps are inappropriate for school.  Shoulders must be covered.
    13. Athletic or team uniforms that do not meet dress code guidelines may not be worn to class or school. (They are permitted in the area of the activity for which they are designed.)
    Students who are representing Northwest Community Schools at an official function or public event may be required to follow specific dress requirements.  Usually, this applies to athletic teams, cheerleaders, bands, and other such groups.

    Emergency Procedures
    Drills for building emergencies will be held during the school year.  Students are reminded to take these drills seriously, as the next one might be the real thing.  Always move calmly and quietly in the hallway and follow your teacher's directions.

    Field Trips

    All school rules and regulations apply when students are under the jurisdiction of the school.  This includes all student transportation activities to and from school, field trips, after school activities, and all other school sponsored events.  While on the bus, the students will be responsible to the driver of the bus.  Student passengers must follow safety rules, seating rules and behavior standards.  While on location, students will be responsible to the teacher or chaperones in charge.
    Field trips are sponsored and organized by the school.  Field trips are intended to allow students to have experiences that provide them with insight, information, or knowledge that cannot be adequately developed through regular classroom instruction.  Therefore, field trips become an integral part of the curriculum and are as essential to the instructional process as textbooks, equipment, other instructional devices, and teaching/learning strategies. They allow students to learn what might not be learned within the classroom.  It is widely acknowledged that not all children learn in the same way.  Field trips allow students the opportunity to expand their intelligence in ways different from those typically available inside the classroom.
    Most field trips are directly related to specific academic curriculum.  They also may address the need for intra- and inter-personal growth in children, and thus may be designed to promote social and emotional development while providing for the development of the "whole" child. 
    A complete Field Trip Policy is available in our middle school office and on our web page.
    Fines are levied for lost, damaged or excessively worn instructional materials, including padlocks and library books.  The student will be informed by his/her teacher of the specifics of the fines levied against him/her.  Payment will be made to the teacher or in the Main Office.  Past due payment on fines will be reported to parents through a letter.
    During the course of the school year, various school organizations generate money through fund-raisers.  Students are not to store articles to be sold in the school.  The school cannot assume responsibility for these items or for money misplaced or stolen as a result of fund-raising activities.
    Students who are ill should come to the Main Office for a secretary to call home for them.  They must not use their cell phone for illness. If a parent/guardian is unable to pick up a student, the student will be sent back to class.
    Procedure for injury while in school:
    1. Report injury immediately to a teacher or the office.
    2. If necessary, an accident report will be completed by a responsible adult on the scene when the accident occurred and it will be filed in the Main office as well as the Administration Building.

    Laser Pointers

    These devices are not permitted at school.  Students who bring laser pointers to school will have them confiscated and not returned to the student.  Students who are caught pointing a laser at another individual will face disciplinary consequences up to and including suspension from school.
    Lost and Found
    Any lost articles that are turned in are kept in the Main Office.  Students are expected to turn in any articles found on school property to the Main Office.
    In order for a student to take medication in the Middle School, the following procedure must be followed:
    1.            A "School Medication Permission and Instruction" form must be filled out and filed in the office.  No medications will be housed or administered without a written order from a medical person authorized to prescribe medication AND a parent or guardian.  This includes prescription AND non-prescription drugs, including aspirin, cough syrup, cough drops, or any other “over the counter” medication.
    2.            Medication will be delivered to school by the parent/guardian or responsible adult.  Do not have the student transport medication on the bus.
    3.            Medication must be delivered in a labeled drugstore type container indicating the name of medication, the prescribed dosage, how often and when it should be dispensed to the student.

    Northwest Asthma Policy

    Asthma is the most common chronic disease of childhood and is the leading cause of preventable hospitalizations in Michigan children.  About five percent of Michigan children under the age of 15 will experience an asthma attack each year.
    Establish Asthma Management and Support Systems.
    This will ensure asthma practices are communicated and coordinated in schools and that asthma program strategies and policies are annually evaluated, including:
    1. Individual asthma action plan forms in annual enrollment materials.
    2. Facilitation of communication among school staff that has interaction with the student.
    3. A system to make staff aware of school policy on acute and routine management of asthma, including information on signs of an asthma attack, asthma medication and administration, and emergency protocols for handling asthma exacerbations in “unusual” situations such as field trips.
    Provide Appropriate School Health Services For Students With Asthma, Including:
    1. Procedures to obtain, maintain, and utilize written asthma action plans, signed by the child’s physician, for every student with asthma.
    2. A standard emergency protocol in place for students in respiratory distress if they do not have a written asthma action plan on site.
    3. Policies that ensure students have immediate access to asthma medications at all times and that allows students to self-carry inhalers as prescribed by a medical professional and approved by parents or legal guardian.
    4. Case management for students with frequent school absences, school health office visits, emergency department visits, or hospitalizations due to asthma.
    5. Access to a consulting health professional for the district to address asthma questions.
    6. Professional development training for all school staff on asthma basics, asthma management, trigger management, and emergency response including classroom teachers, physical education teachers, coaches, secretaries, administrative assistants, playground aides, principals, facility and maintenance staff, food service staff, and bus drivers.
    A complete Asthma Policy is available in our middle school office and on our web page.
    Personal Communication Devices, Cell Phones, Ipods, and MP-3 Players
    Students may be in possession of a cellular telephone, pager/beeper, or other electronic communications device subject to the terms of this policy and the administrative rules of the district.  Use of the device shall be limited to before entering the building in the morning, during their lunchtime and after the student’s last class in the afternoon. Such devices shall not be used during instruction time or in the passing time between classes unless there is a bona fide health or safety emergency.  In addition, headphones/earbuds are not allowed during passing time/in hallway either.  In no case will cell phones be permitted for use in the locker room areas.
    Public Displays of Affection
    School is not the appropriate place for public display of affection.  This would include, but not limited to, holding hands, hugging, and kissing.  Parents will be notified when an infraction takes place and further disciplinary action may be taken.
    School Agendas
    The R.W. Kidder Middle School agenda is a required school supply for every student.  The student is required to use it for passes to and from classes, and is also used for homework assignments and calendar.  The school supplies the student with an agenda at the beginning of the school year.  If the student loses it or tears it apart or destroys it, they will need to purchase another agenda through our main office for $5.00.
    Student Visitors
    Student visitors disrupt the educational atmosphere and are not allowed.

    Substitute Teachers

    Substitute teachers have the same responsibilities and authority in the classroom and in other parts of the building, as do regular classroom teachers.  Students are expected to follow the reasonable requests of substitute teachers and to always identify themselves properly when requested by a substitute.  Substitute teachers do make disciplinary referrals to the office just as regular classroom teachers do.
    Telephone Use
    Office - telephones in the office are needed for office use only.  A student will be allowed to use the office phone only for an illness or emergency.
    Online Learning 
    Online classes are available to students at Northwest High School and R.W. Kidder Middle School through the Michigan Virtual High School (MVHS).  The MVHS course catalog is available at www.mivhs.org. 
    *A student may enroll in up to two online courses per term with approval of the counselor/administrator.
     *The enrollment process should be done prior to the first week of school in the fall or two weeks prior to each term.
     *Materials, such as textbooks, are the responsibility of the student.
     *Courses will take place during regular school hours.
     *Grades and credits earned in online classes will transfer to the student’s transcript.
     *Students may not take online courses that are currently available through Northwest Community Schools.
     *Course selections should align with student’s EDP.
     *School rules listed in the school handbooks regarding attendance, eligibility, computer use, etc., apply for all online classes.
    The Board of Education of the Northwest School District in keeping with its basic philosophy believes that discipline in the school setting provides each pupil with the most favorable atmosphere for learning.  It recognizes that acceptable behavior by the individual student is an important part of the learning process, and a necessity for young people if they are to learn to participate effectively in a democratic way of life.  See classroom disruption discipline plan.
    1.            Teachers are responsible for discipline in individual classrooms.  Students are expected to follow rules in the classroom and they have a responsibility to their teacher and fellow classmates to conduct themselves to a manner conducive to education while in the school building.
    The following procedures are to be followed when working with students who have committed various offenses not conducive to the educational environment.  In some instances the initial discipline procedure may resolve the difficulty.  In others it may be necessary to employ all of the available procedures.  Northwest Schools do not discriminate against any person on the basis of sex or race in the administration of school policies.  The following policies apply to a student at all times while on school grounds, or on a bus and when participating in extra-curricular activities
    Classroom Disruption Discipline Plan
    NW Kidder Middle School Nurtured Heart Intervention Plan
    1. The building has established a RAISED HAND as the common signal for attention and silence.
    2. The staff will follow a set of common classroom “NO” statements for classroom behavior

      1.  No disrespecting others (i.e., bullying, putdowns, etc.).
      2.  No talking out of turn.
      3.  No touching others or their property.
      4.  No irresponsible behavior*.
      5.  No ignoring the "pause".

      *No irresponsible behavior is intended to address “rough housing” and not the lack of materials for class.
    3. Staff will have students take a “PAUSE” and state the “NO” rule that is not being followed. The staff will “WELCOME BACK” the student when they are ready to rejoin the classroom activity. This may range from 2 seconds to 2 minutes in time.
    4. The “PAUSE” is meant only for the common classroom rules. Other infractions of the discipline code should still result in the planned action for the student.
    5. Upon three (3) “PAUSE” interventions, the student will be sent to the ABC ROOM for the remainder of the class period. The student will resume their regular schedule at the end of the class period.
    6. Upon returning to class the staff member should find positive comments to address the student with and help reinforce the positive atmosphere of the classroom/building
    7. Students will start over in the classroom each day with their “PAUSE” count. ABC ROOM counts do not reset.
    1 “PAUSE” Teacher will have student “PAUSE” and state the “NO” classroom rule that is not being followed. When the student is ready, the teacher will “welcome them back” to the classroom activity.
    2 “PAUSE” Repeat of classroom STEP 1, and reminder that the next “PAUSE” will result in being sent to the ABC ROOM for the remainder of the class.
    3 ABC ROOM
    VISIT 1
    Upon the third “PAUSE” the student receives in a single classroom, they will be sent to the ABC ROOM as the next step in their behavior intervention. 
    4 ABC ROOM
    VISIT 2
    Upon the student’s second visit to the ABC ROOM they will be reminded that the next ABC ROOM visit will result in a half-day ISS. This count is for any visits by the student from ALL classes.  Phone call home is made.
    5 ISS (HALF DAY)
    VISIT 3
    The student will receive a half-day ISS.   Phone call home is made.
    6 ISS (HALF DAY)
    VISIT 4
    The student will receive a half-day ISS. The next visit to the ABC ROOM will result in a full-day ISS.  Phone call is made home.
    7 ISS (FULL DAY)
    VISIT 5
    The student will receive a full-day of ISS.   Phone call is made home.
    8 ISS (FULL DAY)
    VISIT 6
    The student will receive a full-day ISS. The student will be reminded that the next visit to the ABC ROOM will result in a 1 day OSS.  Phone call is made home.
    9 0SS (FULL DAY)
    VISIT 7
    The student will receive a 1 day OSS.  Principal will call home.


    Bullying is a form of harassment.  For the purposed of this policy, “bullying” is defined as:  “The repeated intimidation of others by the real or threatened infliction of physical, verbal, written, electronically transmitted, or emotional abuse, or through attacks on the property of another.  It may include, but not be limited to, actions such as verbal taunts, name-calling and put-downs, including ethically-based or gender based verbal put-downs, extortion of money or possessions, and exclusions from peer groups within school.”  Such conduct is disruptive of the educational process and therefore, bullying is not acceptable behavior in the District and is prohibited.
    Students who engage in any act of bullying while at school, at any school function, in connection to or with any District sponsored activity or event, or while enroute to or from school are subject to disciplinary action, up to an including suspension or expulsion.  As may be required by law, law enforcement officials shall be notified of bullying incidents.
    The Superintendent shall develop administrative regulations and programs that will increase awareness of the problem of bullying, and train teachers and other staff to intervene effectively if bullying is witnessed in their presence or brought to their attention.  In designing administrative regulation and anti-bullying programs or strategies, the Superintendent should consult with the greater school community, including students. 
    This policy shall not be interpreted to prohibit a reasoned and civil exchange of opinions or debate that is directed by state or federal law. 
    The Superintendent shall input a procedure for reporting bullying incidents to Central Office. 
    Soliciting, encouraging, aiding, or engaging in “hazing” on or in any school property at any time, or in any activity supported or sponsored by the District, whether on or off school property, is strictly prohibited. 
    “Hazing” means any intentional, knowing, or reckless act meant to induce physical pain, embarrassment, humiliation, deprivation of rights or that creates physical or mental discomfort, and is directed against a student for the purpose of being initiated into, affiliating with, holding office in, or maintaining membership in any group, class, organization, club, or athletic team sponsored or supported by the District and who membership is totally or predominately other students from the district. 
    Students engaging in any hazing or hazing-type behavior that is in any way connected to any activity sponsored or supported by the District, will be subject to one or more of the following disciplinary actions:
    • Removal from participation in extra-curricular activities;
    • Conference with parent(s)/guardian(s);
    • Suspension for up to ten days;
    • Long term suspension for the remainder of the school term;
    • Long term suspension for the remainder of the school year; Longer than one term or semester, but less than a full school year;
    • Referral to appropriate law enforcement agency; and/or
    • Permanent expulsion from Northwest Community Schools
    This policy shall be included in all student handbooks of Northwest Community Schools and shall be disseminated to the public in a manner to be determined by the Superintendent. 

    TARDINESS - Definition

     A pupil is considered tardy to class when not in the room when the bell rings.
     Exceptions to this are parent-documented reasons for arriving late in accordance with excused reasons for absence from school, or an excused pass from a staff member.
    A student's tardiness record will be renewed at the beginning of each term.
    TARDINESS Procedures
    SKIPPING - Definition
    A student is considered skipping when he/she is not where he/she is supposed to be without a pass.  Student is considered skipping if he/she is more than 5 minutes late to class.
    SKIPPING – Procedures

    WEAPONS/RAPE/ARSON – Definition

    (Section 1311 of the Michigan School Code, 1/1955.)  (Northwest School District policy JCDAD.)
    Any student who possesses, handles, or transmits any dangerous weapon or commits rape or arson while on school property (including vehicles) or at a school-related activity shall be expelled from school.
    Weapon or Dangerous Weapons means:  a firearm, or reasonable imitation “look-a-likes”; dagger; dirk; stiletto; knife with a blade over three (3) inches in length; pocket knife opened by a mechanical device; iron bar; brass knuckles; BB or pellet gun; or any other weaponry used to inflict intentional bodily harm on school property.
    Firearm means:  (a) weapon (including a starter gun) which will or is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by an explosive; (b) the frame or receiver of any such weapon; (c) any firearm muffler or firearm silencer; (d) any explosive, incendiary or poison gas bomb, grenade, mine rocket having a propellant charge of more that four ounces, missile having an explosive or incendiary charge of more that ˝ ounce, or similar device; (e) any weapon which will, or which may be readily converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive or other propellant, and which has any barrel with a bore of more than ˝ inch in diameter; or (f) any combination of parts whether designed or intended for use in converting any device into any destructive device that may be readily assembled.  The following are not firearms; (a) an antique firearm; (b) a rifle which the owner intended to use solely for sporting, recreational, or cultural purposes; (c) any device which is neither designed for use as a weapon nor is redesigned for use as a signaling, pyrotechnic, line throwing safety or similar device; or (d) class c common fireworks. 

    RAPE OR ARSON – Procedures

    1.            Police/Fire Marshall reports.
    2.            Immediate 10-day suspension, pending expulsion hearing with Board of Education.
    3.            Payment of damages.




    1.            Police report.
    2.            Ten-day suspension pending expulsion hearing with the Board of Education.  Expulsion is mandatory unless the student establishes by clear convincing evidence that:
           A.  It was not for use as a weapon.
           B.  The student did not know he/she possessed it.
           C.  The student did not know it was a weapon.
           D.  The student had it at the suggestion, request, direction or permission of school or police
    Any student expelled under this section must be referred to DHS or BHC for counseling.




    Use or possession of alcohol, drugs, controlled by law, chemical agents, or any mood/mind altering substance will be subject to the following procedures.  This includes all look-alikes or paraphernalia and those substances represented as such.  Included are any substances represented as a substance controlled by law or chemical agent or any mood/mind altering substance.


    1st Offense
    Upon verification of possession and/or use the student will be suspended for 10 days.  If the student submits to a substance abuse class the suspension will be reduced.  When this is successfully completed, a 5-10 day suspension from school will be enforced.  If the student refuses to submit to a screen then a 10-day suspension from school will be enforced.
    2nd Offense
    Upon a second violation the student will be placed on suspension pending recommendation to the School Board for expulsion from school.
    The use of illicit substances and unlawful use and possession of alcohol is wrong and harmful.  Compliance with these standards regarding use or unlawful possession of substances controlled by law is mandatory.
    Any student apprehended and determined to be selling, promoting, delivering, or distributing any mood or mind altering substance (including “look-a-likes” and paraphernalia) on school property or at a school sponsored activity shall be dealt with as stated in the following paragraph.


    1. Parents immediately notified by phone, letter or message.
    2. Police notified.
    3. Student placed on immediate ten-day suspension.
    4. Conference held with administrator and parties concerned.
    5. Student recommended to the Board of Education or representative for expulsion from school.
    6. While a drug evaluation or assessment is recommended, such participation will not be allowed as an alternative to suspension and possible expulsion under this section.
    7. Students expelled from school may not participate in school-sponsored functions during the period of expulsion.


    Research suggests that young people are strongly influenced to use tobacco by the role modeling of adults and peers.  The research is also unequivocal that tobacco smoke results in serious, ongoing health problems for children and adolescents.  Schools shall therefore prohibit the use of any tobacco product in all school-related situations, by any person, at any time, in any location, and at any event.
    1.  “Any tobacco product” includes spit tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, nicotine lozenge or any other kind of tobacco product.
    2. “Any person” includes students, staff, visitors, all groups using school property, and any other persons.  Because the State Board of Education believes that public education’s responsibility extends to the health and learning of all students, alternative, and vocational programs are included in this prohibition.
    3. “Any time” means 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and 365 days per year.
    4. “Any location” includes the school’s property, grounds, buildings, and vehicles. Including when school is out of session or the event is sponsored by another organization.
    5. “Any event” includes all school-sponsored events, whether on or off school property.
    A complete policy is available in our middle school office and on our web page.



    Smoking or possession of tobacco products and/or use of same.

    Youth Tobacco Act

    (P.A. 314 of 1988 MCL 722.614).  "It is unlawful for a minor to possess, smoke, chew, suck, or inhale any tobacco product in a public place."


    **At each level notification made to Juvenile Court through our police liaison officer.
    Any student, participating in an athletic program, that is involved in the use/sale or possession of tobacco, alcohol, or a controlled substance, will be subject to penalties stated in the Athletic Code of Conduct manual.
    Sexual harassment by staff or students will not be tolerated under Federal and State statute and school district policy.
    The threat or suggestion that a student's education and/or advancement depends upon whether or not the student submits to sexual demands or must tolerate such improper behavior should be immediately reported to school authorities.
    Students who have concerns about conduct or physical contact by any student or adult associated with the school or by any person should immediately report this concern to the building Principal, a counselor, or to the Superintendent of schools.  Students should also discuss their concerns with parents or guardians.  Students are encouraged to report any conduct or contact that makes them feel uncomfortable or is bothersome.
    Retaliation against any person for complaining about sexual harassment or participating in a sexual harassment investigation is prohibited.



    SEXUAL HARASSMENT - Definition

    Includes but is not limited to the following:
         A. Unwelcome sexual advances.
         B. Subtle or overt pressure for sexual activity.
         C. Engaging in improper physical contact, such as patting or pinching.
         D. Making improper sexual comments, including sex-oriented kidding, or creating an                        intimidating, hostile, or offensive learning environment.



    SEXUAL HARASSMENT - Procedures

    Note:  The complete Northwest Board of Education policy on "Sexual Harassment and Intimidation" (GADD) is available in the Principal's office.
    1. Notification of parent conference with pupil and parent. Contact with police agencies              possible.
    2. Upon the determination by the building administrator that an act of assault did occur the student will automatically be suspended from school for (10) school days by the building administrator.  Also, the student will be subject to expulsion proceedings consistent with student’s due process rights and state and federal laws.
    3. Report of the assault by the student will be forwarded to the school board.
    4. Any student expelled for physical or verbal assault will be referred to the appropriate County Department of Social Services or County Community Mental Health Agency.  Parent/guardians will be notified of referral.
    5. Other appropriate punishment and behavior management techniques may be used in addition to the above at the discretion of the principal and employee involved.
    6. In all cases action taken by the Superintendent and/or Board of Education shall take into account the student, the extent of the offense, the circumstances leading up to the offense, the attitude of the student and/or parent after the offense, the behavioral record of the student and any other pertinent information.
    Detentions are given for infractions of school rules or behavior, which warrant punishment less than suspension.  A detention is a 25-minute stay after school.  The student must appear for detention on time. Students who are asked to leave detention for inappropriate behavior or tardiness will receive further disciplinary action.
    1.            The student shall be informed of the specific charges, which could be the basis for disciplinary action to be taken against him/her.
    2.            The student will have the right to present to the school administrator any relevant information that will support his/her defense.
    3.            If a student is suspended by the school administrator, the administrator will:
    A.            Notify the parent/guardian as soon as possible of the suspension, the reasons for it and the steps necessary to allow the student's return to school.  This will be done by telephone whenever possible. 
    B.            Administration will  meet with the parent/guardian and student to plan the satisfactory return of the student to the school setting.
    4.            If the parents or guardian are dissatisfied with this action they may appeal to the Superintendent or his/her designee to review the decision after building appeals have been exhausted.




    The following procedural guidelines will govern the expulsion process:
    1. Written notice of charges against a student shall be supplied to the student and his/her parent or guardian.  Included within this notice shall be a statement of the time and place for the hearing, which shall be reasonable for the parties involved.
    1. Parent or guardian shall have the opportunity to be present at the hearing.
    1. Legal counsel may represent the student, parent or guardian.
    1. The student shall be given an opportunity to give his/her version of the facts and their implications.  He/she shall be allowed to offer the testimony of other witnesses and evidence.
    1. The student shall be allowed to observe all evidence offered against him/her.  In addition he/she shall be allowed to question any witness.
    1. The hearing shall be conducted by the Board of Education, or Superintendent, which shall make its determination solely upon the evidence presented at the hearing.
    1. A record shall be kept of the hearing.
    1. The Board of Education or Superintendent shall state within a reasonable time after the hearing its findings as to whether or not the student charged is guilty of the conduct charged and its decision as to expulsion.
    1. The findings of the hearing authority shall be reduced to writing and sent to the student and his/her parent or guardian.
    1. Students expelled from school will be excluded from attending all school activities except night school and career center classes, unless otherwise determined by the board.
    To maintain order and discipline in the school and to protect the safety and welfare of students and school personnel, school authorities may search a student, student lockers and desks under the circumstances outlined below and may seize any illegal, unauthorized or contraband materials discovered in the search.  Student lockers and desks are school property and remain at all times under the control of the school district; however, students are expected to assume full responsibility for the security of their locker and desks.  Student should not expect privacy regarding items placed in school property because school property is subject to search at any time by school officials, including the use of drug sniffing dogs.  Periodic general inspections of lockers and desks may be conducted  by school authorities for any reason at any time without notice, without student consent and without a search warrant.
    A student's failure to permit searches and seizures as provided in this policy will be considered grounds for disciplinary action.  A student's person and/or personal effects (e.g., purse, book bag, athletic bag), may be searched whenever a school official has reasonable suspicion to believe that  the student is in possession of illegal or unauthorized materials.  If a properly conducted search yields illegal or contraband materials, such findings shall be turned over to proper legal authorities for ultimate disposition.
    KIDDER MIDDLE SCHOOL:  Aggressive Behavior Rubric
    Behaviors include but are not limited to those listed.
      1st infraction 2nd infraction 3rd infraction 4thinfraction
    • “just kidding”
    • Play fighting
    • Goofing around
    • Tripping
    • Pushing/Shoving/Grabbing
    • Name calling
    Pause Pause ABC Room See ABC Room Rubric
    • “just kidding”
    • Name calling
    • Insulting remarks
    • Spreading rumors
    • Mean notes/tricks
    • Verbal Altercation
    1. Educational Packet
    2. Discussion with
    3. Detention
    3. Possible 1 day OSS with
         Verbal Altercation
    1-3 day OSS 3-5 day OSS
    10 day OSS pending expulsion review
    Moderate Physical Contact
    • RESULTING in Injury or
       Physical Altercation
    • Hitting/Slapping
    • Pushing/Shoving
    • Tripping
    • Throwing objects
    1. Principal decision
      outcome of altercation
    2. 1 day OSS for
    2. 1 day ISS-ABC Room
         for rest of infractions
    2-3 day OSS
    3-5 day OSS
    5-10 day OSS pending expulsion review
    Moderate Intimidation
    • Threats of emotional or physical violence
    • Planned exclusion
    • Silent/Social alienation
    • Emotional Blackmail
    • Retaliation/False Reporting
    • Electronic  intimidation
    Administrative decision, possible OSS Administrative decision, possible OSS Administrative decision, possible OSS Administrative decision, possible OSS
    Severe Physical Contact
    • Fighting
    • Punching/Kicking
    • Throwing objects resulting in injury
    • Directed spitting
    1. 3 day OSS
    2. Parent Conference (PC)
    3. Meeting with principal/
         counselor upon return
    NOTE:  Depending on
    1. 5 day OSS
    2. Referral to Anger Management with
    severity of fight, steps
    1. 10 day OSS
    2. Referral to Agency counseling
    may be skipped.
    OSS pending expulsion review
    • vs. students
    • vs. Staff/Employees
    1. 1-10 day OSS (pending)
    2. Possible Expulsion
    3. Parent Conference
    4. Possible Police Contact
    1. Automatic OSS
    2.  Expulsion pending
          School Board Review
    MORE Severe Intimidation & Harassment
    • Racial, ethical, sexual, and religious
    • Severe property damage
    • Vandalism/graffiti
    1. Educational Packet
    2. Discussion with
    3.  Administrative
         decision, possible OSS
    1-3 day OSS
    3-5 day OSS
    10 day OSS pending expulsion review
    Notes:  (1) Mandatory parent conference must occur before scheduled re-admittance from a suspension.  (2) Principals reserve the right to place a student at any level on discipline chart depending on the severity of an incident.  (3) Principals reserve the right to deny participation in school social activities as an additional disciplinary consequence.  (4) At any level of offense, student(s) may be referred
    to the counseling department for further intervention strategies.  (5) Parent contact on all infractions.
    KIDDER MIDDLE SCHOOL: NON-Aggressive Behavior Rubric
      1st infraction 2nd infraction 3rd infraction 4th infraction
    Academic Integrity
          Includes Copying, Cheating
    1. Teacher Decision
    2. Possible “0”
    3. Principal Notification
    1. Administration
    2. Possible OSS
    1. Administration Decision
    2. Failed Term
    Possible Expulsion
    Alcohol/Controlled Substances
          Possession, Use, Under Influence,
          and/or Paraphernalia
    1. 5-10 days OSS
    2. Parent Conference
    3. Possible Expulsion
    4. OSS Lessened with 
        Subst. Abuse Classes
    1. Rec. Expulsion
    2. Possible Police Report
    OTC is included
    Alcohol/Controlled Substances
          Distribution, Promotion, Sale,
          and/or Paraphernalia
    1. 10 days OSS pending
    2. Recommended
    3. Possible Police Report
    Intending to Distribute =   Distribution
    Imitated Substances are Same As
    OTC is included
    Arson 1. OSS Suspension pending
    2. Recommended
    Cell Phone/Electronic Device Misuse 1. Confiscated Item
    2. Parent Pick-Up
    1. Confiscated Item
    2. Parent Pick-Up
    3. Parent Meet with
    1. Confiscated Item
    2. Parent Pick-Up @ End
         of the School Year
    Computer Misconduct/Acceptable
    Use Policy
    Loss of Computer Use
         for Remainder of Term
    Loss of Computer Use  
         for Remainder of Year
    Disregard for School Rules (General) Detention
    1-3 days OSS 3-5 days OSS 5-10 OSS
    Disruptive Behaviors
    ABC Room ABC Room ˝ day ISS ˝ day ISS
    Disturbance/Disorderly Conduct/Severe Disturbance of School 1-3 days OSS 3-5 days OSS 5-7 days OSS 7-10 days OSS
    Dress Code Violation 1. Parent Notification
    2. Change of Clothes
    3. No Change = ABC Room
    1. Parent Notification
    2. Change of Clothes
    3. No Change = ABC Room
    Detention 1 day OSS
    Immoral and Obscene Behavior 1. 1-3 days OSS
    2. Possible Police Contact
    1. 3-5 days OSS
    2. Possible Police Contact
    1. 3-5 days OSS
    2. Possible Police Contact
    3. Possible Rec. Expulsion
    1. 3-5 days OSS
    2. Possible Police
    3. Rec. Expulsion
    Inappropriate Language/Profanity Detention
    1-3 days OSS 3-5 days OSS 5-10 OSS
    Severe Insubordination
    1. Administrative Decision
    2. OSS (days TBD)
    1-3 days OSS
    1. Administrative Decision
    2. OSS (days TBD)
    3-5 days OSS
    Recommended Expulsion
    5-10 OSS
    Profanity Directed at a NW Employee 3 days OSS 5-7 days OSS 10 days OSS Rec. Expulsion
    Public Display of Affection Detention 1-3 days OSS/ISS 3-5 days OSS 5-10 OSS
    Skipping 1. Parent Notification
    2. Detention for each
         Period skipped
    1. 1-3 days ISS
    2. Loss of Extra School
         Activities for Term
    1. 3-5 days ISS/OSS
    2. Loss of Extra School
         Activities for Term
    1. 5-10 days ISS/OSS
          (reset at beginning of terms)
          Tardy Lock-Outs Included
    1st = Warning 2nd = Warning 3rd = Detention 4th and Subsequent =
    1 day ISS/OSS
    Theft 1. 1-3 days OSS
    2. Possible Restitution
    1. 3-5 days OSS
    2. Possible Restitution
    1. 10 days OSS
    2. Possible Restitution
    Rec. Expulsion
    Tobacco Administrative decision, possible OSS Administrative decision, possible OSS Administrative decision, OSS (days TBD)  
    Vandalism 1. 1-10 days OSS
    2. Possible Restitution
    1.5-10 days OSS
    2. Possible Restitution
    1. 10 days OSS
    2. Possible Restitution
    Weapons 1. OSS Suspension pending
    2. Recommended
    This is a policy summary.  Students and staff should read and will be accountable for following the entire policy.
    1. Technology covered by this policy includes the use of District software, audio and video media, computers and hardware peripherals, network, telecommunications, video and audio equipment.
    2. The use of District technology is a privilege that can be revoked at any time by the District.
    3. Each individual user is responsible for the reasonable care of technology, including hardware and software while in their possession or while they are using it.
    4. Users of District technology will be responsible for its use and misuse.  Appropriate use of District technology is defined as use in furtherance of the instructional goals and mission of the District.  Users should consider any use that does not fall under this definition of appropriate use as being potential misuse for which a loss of technology use and disciplinary consequences may occur. 
    5. Staff and students acknowledge that software, audio and video media is protected by a variety of licensing agreements and copyright laws and that any misuse of these may subject the user, as well as the District, to a variety of legal liabilities.  Students need the permission of their instructor to install software or media. 
    6. Staff who purchases District software or media are responsible for forwarding purchase and specification information to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.
    7. Users are responsible for the security of the technology, including the ability to use that technology to access confidential information, while such technology is in their possession or under their control.  Staff and students are not to either use or disclose confidential information except as a part of an appropriate educational use of technology.
    8. Passwords are the property of the user and are not to be used by anyone else.
    9. Technology moved for off-site use must be returned and available for instruction whenever students are present for instruction. 
    Transportation is a privilege not a right. 
    • If a student’s action causes serious endangerment to his/her or another person’s welfare, the bus driver may issue a second or third offense ticket regardless of the student’s action being a first offense. 
    • Bus drivers may assign students to particular bus seats in order to maintain order on the bus. 
    • Bus drivers may issue a ticket for unacceptable behavior while waiting at the bus stop or for offenses after immediately leaving the bus.  The driver must personally witness the infraction. 
    1st Ticket –
    The student will lose their bus privileges until the ticket is returned to the bus driver after it is signed by the parent/legal guardian.
    2nd Ticket –
    Results in a one day to three days suspension from any bus.  A conference may be held involving the parent/legal guardian, student, principal, and bus driver to reinstate the student’s bus privileges.  The suspension will begin on the dates entered on the ticket.
    3rd Ticket –
    Will result in a minimum of five days to a maximum of thirty days suspension from bus services.  A conference may be held involving the parent/legal guardian, student, bus driver, and the Director of Operations to determine the future bus status of the student.
    Continued behavior may result in more tickets with more days off.
    2.         Please bring a lock to secure your clothes and other items during gym class.
    3.         You MUST remove your lock after each gym class – failure to do so may result in the lock being cut off.
    1. No gym, candy, or pop allowed in fitness room or gym.
    1. Gym shoes (tennis shoes) and gym clothes are required. Gym shorts or sweat pants and a t-shirt or sweatshirt are required.  Guidelines in the handbook will be followed for clothing.
    2. If you do not dress you are still required to participate, but your grade will be lowered.

    1. Your grade is based on dressing, participation, attitude, cooperation,  fitness/athletic improvement, and tardies.
    2. We realize that not all students have the same skill levels; however, we ask that all students give their best effort.

    If you are injured or ill and wish to be excused from physical activity for the class period, we must have a note from your parent stating the reason why you cannot participate and they must sign it.  The note must be given to the physical education teacher before class begins.  You will be allowed two parent notes for the trimester, after that we need to have a note from a physician to excuse you.

    1. Not changing clothes = a "no dress”.
    2. You’ll be given one free no-dress/non-participation day for the marking
    Parents, we hope the above class rules help your son or daughter have a great marking period.   Please sign that you have read/agree with this form, and return it ASAP!  Also, below is a medical form.  If your son/daughter has a health condition we need to be aware of it.
    Mr. Moffitt
    Mrs. Silvey

    If your son/daughter has a health condition that we should be aware of, please list below and return this section of the form ASAP (this section to be filled out by adult):
    Medical Condition
    PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE___________________________________DATE___________________


    We have read and understand the information contained in the 2014-2015 Northwest R.W. Kidder Middle School Student Handbook. 
    PARENT/GUARDIAN                                       STUDENT
    DATE                                                                                     DATE



    (To be included in the Student Handbook)
    1. Access and use of the Internet, local and wide-area networks, computers, and related equipment is a privilege for the member.
    2. Northwest School District has developed a TECHNOLOGY ACCESS AND USE POLICY (page 29 in the Student Handbook) for the Internet, local and wide-area networks, computers and related equipment.
    3. I have read, understand and will abide by the enclosed TECHNOLOGY ACCESS AND USE POLICY.  I agree to be responsible for and abide by all rules and regulations of this agreement.  I understand that should I commit any violation, my privileges may be revoked, and that school disciplinary action and/or appropriate legal action may be taken.
    Member Signature_____________________________________

    If you are a student of Northwest School District, a parent or guardian MUST also READ AND SIGN this agreement. 
    PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE_____________________________