• Understand Admission Factors & What Colleges Consider
    The first part of planning for college is understanding the factors colleges consider when looking at a student profile.
    Primary Factors
    • Quality / Rigor of Academic Courses INCLUDING senior year
    • Academic Performance / Grades / Rank
    • Test Scores (ACT,SAT,SAT Subject Tests, AP, etc.)
    Additional Factors
    • Extracurricular Activities
    • Essay(s)
    • Letters of Recommendation(s)
    • Demonstrated Interest
    • What about foreign language?
    Other Considerations
    • Positive recommendations from educators and mentors
    • Personal statement and essay(s) demonstrating writing ability and self-expression
    • A "demonstrated interest" that shows your enthusiasm for the colleges to which you're applying
    • Extracurricular activities, including participation in sports, performing/visual arts, voluteering, etc.
    • Community involvement, par-time work or internship
    • Interview (if applicable)