Northwest Sexual Education Advisory Board

  • The Northwest Community Schools host the Sex Education Advisory Board, in accordance with the legal requirements of the State of Michigan and the Department of Education. The Sex Education Advisory Board is a district committee consisting of parents, students, educators, local clergy, and medical professionals. The law requires that a minimum of 50% of members be parents of current Northwest students. Participants will be selected based on the required demographics, as well as the requirement that 50% or more are current parents. The role of the Sex Education Advisory Board is to make recommendations regarding Sex Education resources to the Board of Education and host two public hearings to provide the community with an opportunity to evaluate the proposals and give feedback before the Northwest Community Schools Board of Education votes for their adoption. All materials are first recommended by educators and referred to the advisory board for approval. If materials are a collective recommendation of the advisory board, the board of education will be asked to vote to approve new materials for use in NWCS classrooms. If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact Cari Bushinski, Director of Instruction. 

Advisory Board by carib33