• Northwest Manufacturing


    The NW STEM: Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Curriculum offers:


    • projects developed  in collaboration with local industry and higher education institutions
    • projects designed to address current societal issues and problems
    • important academic and career skills 
    • opportunities for students to think critically in order to comprehend, apply, and be innovative with the knowledge they acquire
    • connections between academic learning and real-world situations
    • multi-disciplinary units linking science, manufacturing, math, and English into lessons that are based on a common theme of a real-world situation

    Starting in 7th Grade, all students take a required Manufacturing course for one trimester. In the 8th Grade, students can take an Elective Advanced Manufacturing course.  By the 9th Grade, Students that are very interested in this pathway, enroll in Advanced Manufacturing and begin the program called Skills 180 and other introductory curriculum to build upon Middle School STEM curriculum foundations. 


    The identified Baker College course, EGR 1010 is currently an Articulated course for students at the Jackson Area Career Center

    Beginning the 10th grade year, a cohort of students take a block schedule of English, Science and Manufacturing for 3 hours every day for the full year.  Students engage in the content of the Baker Course Mechanical Engineering 2410 to earn college credit.


    These students then move to the 11th Grade Baker College’s ISE 2110 will be offered in a Dual Enrollment/Concurrent instructional format.


    The 12th Grade year is individually designed with students having opportunities to take more Baker College coursework along with certification completion and work experience opportunities.

    This program has been supported by local businesses such as, American One Credit Union, Baker College and Technique, INC.  The success of this program and our students depends on community investment!   THANK YOU!