• Facilities

    Mission:  Our mission is obvious:  To transparently maintain all of our facilities in a safe, warm, dry, clean, and functional environment improving the educational experience for students, staff, and our community.  However, we don’t stop there.......


    At Northwest Community Schools, we have a greater vision.   It reflects on our district's Nurtured Heart Approach.  Our department takes pride in maintaining our facilities while our students are receiving a quality education.  


    Goals:  Our department has some specific goals which this site will help us achieve –

    • Lead the way using current technologies to manage work flow, conserving energy consumption, and training staff on productivity and safety.
    • Provide a way for both positive feedback and constructive criticism with our comment box section (to be added soon).  
    • Training all staff on legal and safe pest control. 
    • Be open with staff and our community with the latest updates on current projects, bids, and energy savings initiatives. 
    • Help in transparency of our facilities’ capital needs.
    • Catalog all current MSDS sheets for all concerned parties.
    • Provide current maps for contractors, staff, and visitors.
    • Public sales of all surplus items through our auction site. 

    We have other goals that will be added, but this will outline the scope of our work.  Please look through our site and let us know what you think.  




  • Mick Evans, Facilities Supervisor

    Business: 817-4736
    Email: Michael.Evans@nwschools.org

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